Singing Waiters in France

Singing Waiters: Who are we?

We are the one and only Singing Waiter company in France. As singing waiters, we go undercover as waiters getting to know your guests. After hours of undercover work, when the time is right we give you and your guests the biggest surprise of your lives. Once revealed, we burst into song performing an exciting & interactive set that you & your guests will never forget. Make your wedding, event or party the most memorable, unique & fun day ever!

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Singing Waiters: What do we do?

After hours of undercover work getting to know all your guests our professional singers give everyone at your event THE biggest surprise when they reveal themselves not to be waiters but in fact professional singers who burst out into song.

We work with you to help spring this surprise by choosing an interactive set of songs that will have all your guests up on their feet dancing and singing. We find out as much information as we can about your event.

Want to surprise your guests? Try Singing Waiters in France, we are here to get your wedding, party or corporate event started! Infact any event we are there!

Organising a Wedding, a party or corporate event?



The best thing about our act is that it can work for any event or occasion! Do you have an event or party coming up? Are you looking for something unique and entertaining? Do you want to celebrate in style and impress your guests? Well, that’s where we come in.

Together we can make your event a success by providing your guests with the ultimate surprise entertainment. We will work together to plan the day, focusing on your requirements and preferences. We will discuss everything from the kind of atmosphere you want to create, right through to your musical preferences.

You will need to think about your guests and what will really grab everyone’s attention. Once we have an idea for the grand entrance (or staged disruption!) we then turn that into a musical number, bursting into song and getting everyone involved. We have plenty of ideas to incorporate our act into your event, but it’s up to you how it happens. The crazier the better – we do love a challenge!

Corporate Event

Don’t Just take our word for it

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Choose your songs

We will help you choose songs that everyone will know, getting everyone to be a part of your event and find out the atmosphere that you want at your party. These are just some songs as a suggestion - but if you have a special song let us know, we would love to sing it!

Can you add to this list?

Get the party started

Pop and rock it

Fill that floor

Karaoke Classics anyone

Every event we perform at is special and unique, no two are ever the same, please give us a call to discuss the music atmosphere you would like. Whether it is getting everyone up on their feet doing a conga, to everyone waving their napkin in the air or pitching team Groom again team Bride, we aim to provide an alternative musical event that will have your guests talking about your event for years to come.

Tell us about the song you would like at your event by using the contact form here Pop? Rock? Musicals? Opera? we can create any atmosphere just for you, just name it and we will put together a memorable and alternative musical event for you and your guests.

We work with you to find the right songs that will work for your event. All our events are bespoke and tailored especially for you, we are your personal event planners for your event and your musical entertainment!

Photographs courtesy of Richard Wallace, Dom Alberts, and Leanne Baddeley, One Thousand Words Photography, Karen Muircroft Photography


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